Customer Intelligence: How to Assemble Complete Visitor Profiles

October 11, 2017 Jack Vawdrey

User activity on websites, social media sites, chatbots, order forms and mobile applications gives brands access to a wide breadth of customer behavioral data.

And the amount of data only increases as brands expand the scope of their marketing efforts—simply because there are more ways to interact with the company. More touchpoints mean more visitor data to analyze.

Unconnected data from disparate touchpoints is helpful, but to make online user data fully useful and profitable, companies need to unite disparate visitor data to accomplish a 360 view of each online user.

How hard could that be?

Well, creating a unified visitor profile is no easy feat. Capturing data from multiple touchpoints is one thing, but connecting each touchpoint back to the same user in order to create a complete visitor profile is its own beast.

It’s complicated, to say the least.

Despite the challenge, creating comprehensive visitor profiles is essential to maximizing digital marketing efforts for maximum profitability. Personalizing your efforts to markets-of-one requires uniting customer data from across touchpoints.

Danielle Ackles, Director of Analytics at Merkle, recently said, “Most businesses do a good job of offering their users multiple ways to interact with their brand. Where they fall short is connecting the multiple entry points back to the same user. A sound data connectivity strategy would go a long way in providing a 360-degree view of your customers.”

Danielle Ackles and Scott Cannon will be presenting “In Stitches: Assembling a Complete Visitor Data Profile” at the  2017 Analytics Summit. They will cover how to set the foundation for assembling complete visitor profiles, cross-device tracking for users, visitor authentication, and more.

Register for the Analytics Summit  to gain access to Ackles and Cannon’s analytics and marketing expertise, as well as that of 24 other prominent speakers. Speakers at the event will cover best practices, trends, technologies and key concerns for data-driven organizations.



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