Customer Intelligence: Turn Your Customer Data Into Real Action

November 3, 2017 Jack Vawdrey

With all the tools and techniques readily available, it can seem overwhelming at times to turn so much data into real action.

But when customer data is understood and leveraged in a timely fashion, it can have an impressive impact on the performance of an organization. And in the digital economy, businesses are constantly on a mission to better understand their customers and bring their customers’ experiences toward the vision and promise that analytics provides.

Democratizing insights across an organization helps businesses build org-wide understanding of the customer, her likes and dislikes. When employees from various disciplines and specialties can make decisions based on the same customer data, a more cohesive picture of who their target customers are and what customers want is painted throughout the organization.

In addition, machine learning also enhances how customer data is used, and offers digital experts ways to accurately predict customer needs and act on those needs, in real time. Today’s leading marketers and digital experts aim to identify customer intent at all touchpoints along their digital journeys, using data like search intent, videos viewed, content read across the web, and more. Machine learning takes this type of predictive analytics to the next level.

Integrating data into the customer experience is another way organizations can provide their customers with the best and most relevant experiences possible. By using opt-in data from a customer relationship management (CRM) system, data from an organization’s call-center interactions, purchase data, social media data, website behavioral analytics, etc., organization’s are much better at creating a holistic picture of their customers.

But does democratizing insights, using machine learning, and integrating data into the customer experience take a long time to get started? Not necessarily.

Benjamin Gaines , Group Product Manager for Adobe Analytics Cloud, recently stated,

“Truly impacting the customer experience with data can seem daunting, but whatever tools you’ve got today will allow you to get started and drive real change in your org.”

At the Analytics Summit on November 9, 2017, Gaines will divulge rapid-fire tips and tricks to help you get more value out of your customer data during his session, “Customer Intelligence Rockstar Tips and Tricks.”

Register for the 2017 Analytics Summit to gain access to Gaines’ presentation and presentations from 25+ other data-driven professionals who will cover topics focusing on trends, technology, and techniques to watch for in 2018.


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