Mastering Customer Behavior with Centers of Excellence

October 5, 2016 Jack Vawdrey

Your customers don’t see the inner workings of your brand—they don’t see the digital siloes or the data collection processes or the data analysis of their behavior. They just see your brand.

If any digital touchpoint deviates from the overall experience with your brand, customers may benchmark your brand at its lowest point.

It’s unfortunate—but all too common—that companies are hampered in their ability to resolve this issue.

With siloed development and marketing departments using scattered resources to work on your digital properties, the result is often an inconsistent use of tools, various definitions of metrics and few decisions being derived from actionable, insightful data.

And customer insight professionals are flustered because they feel they don’t fully understand customer behavior thanks to the poor quality of the data that’s being collected.

Creating a data governance body responsible for maintaining consistency will be the difference between building a customer-centric brand and driving customers away to your competitors.

Data Governance, Customer Behavior and Centers of Excellence

Customer Insights Centers of Excellence (CoEs) are a coalition of analytics leaders who step out of their siloed departments to get a hold on data to better understand customer behavior.

A blog post published by the Microsoft Developer Network describes CoEs as follows:

“The main purpose of a CoE is to establish, identify, develop, and harness cross-functional processes, knowledge, and expertise that have tangible benefits for the business…CoEs continually generate and refresh knowledge, competencies, practices, and skills with the goal of informing and guiding others working in the same business domain.”

CoEs can help resolve issues with understanding customer behavior for a better customer experience. Creating a Customer Insights CoE moves organizations from analytical youth to maturity—to the point where data analysis is no longer just descriptive, but prescriptive.

It is the means whereby you can restore the brand promise for an excellent customer experience.

At the Analytics Summit to occur November 17, 2016, Rusty Warner, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Susan Vertrees, Senior Consultant at Adobe, will be discussing the role that a Customer Insights CoE can play in your organization. This presentation will include insights on how to:

  • Avoid siloed infrastructure and siloed thinking
  • Merge data governance and project management efforts
  • Build a CoE that fosters a customer-obsessed operating model.

To learn more about CoEs and customer behavior, along with additional actionable best practices from experienced analytics thought leaders, reserve your seat at the 2016 Analytics Summit.



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