Minimizing the Black Box of Customer Behavior

November 7, 2017 Jack Vawdrey

To accommodate the growing demands of customers, businesses work to expand their digital presence, increasing digital touchpoints by adopting new channels of distribution, creating new campaigns, and generating new content. The result is a lot   of digital interaction points—the typical marketer uses 13 different channels in order to reach his or her marketing objectives.

Because  companies have so many touchpoints, they experience an inflow of high-volume, diversified analytics data sets from myriad touchpoints. That data presents an opportunity, if companies can apply an effective analytics, attribution and visualization strategy in combination with the right tools.

Ultimately, marketers are looking to minimize the black box of customer behavior, giving more accurate ROI calculations and clarifying the outcomes of business decisions. New developments from Google could assist marketers in their objective.

Google has recently extended existing solutions as well as offered new ones, including new AI-powered data querying, improved anomaly detection, new data visualization tools and new attribution solutions. By name, these updates include:

  • Analytics Intelligence
  • Google Data Studio
  • Google Attribution

Concerning these new features and solutions, Krista Seiden, Analytics Advocate and Product Manager of Firebase Analytics at Google, recently said, “We have an explosion of data and information, our data is very complex and varied, and visualizing data across systems is tough. But, we’ve found ways now…through products that we are working on at Google, to solve some of these or to make some of these pain points easier for you.”

At the upcoming Analytics Summit, Seiden will be presenting “Looking Forward to 2018 and Beyond: Where the Data Is Taking Us,” introducing these new technologies and sharing how they can assist you in robust data analysis and data-driven decision-making.

Reserve your seat for the Analytics Summit for access to Seiden’s and 24 other presentations given by the top thought leaders and industry influencers in the analytics space.


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Jack Vawdrey is a content marketing strategist and closet programmer interested in the opportunities that marketing technology and automation present for enterprises. Passionate about digital marketing, content marketing, and analytics, Jack is continuously honing his skills in these areas and relishes an opportunity to share what he's learned. Jack joined the ObservePoint marketing team in 2016 as Managing Editor and now works as a Content Marketing Consultant.

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