Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

June 12, 2017 Jack Vawdrey

For the marketer steeped in data and a seemingly endless to-do list, “better and faster” always sounds like a good combination. Consequently, artificial intelligence can be a particularly exciting topic.

Artificial intelligence is a bit of a broad term that for some invokes visions of super-intelligent computers taking on human-like characteristics. If you remove the apocalyptic connotation from this definition, it’s not far from the truth.

For marketers, the ability to replicate and automate B2C conversations, data analysis and decision-making is the holy grail of artificial intelligence and machine learning, as it makes personalization and optimization rapidly scalable.

Marketers already have access to a landscape of thousands of marketing automation tools, making it possible for them to automate processes like content delivery and multivariate testing in ways that drastically increase performance.

Still, there remains room for increased agility—marketers are still left with the task of analyzing vast amounts of data they’ve collected, running a limited number of queries based on pre-defined hunches of what they think their data is going to tell them. These activities can be performed by machines, easing the marketer’s load.

Artificial intelligence manifests itself in the form of smart ad-serving, chatbots, website/email personalization, recommendation engines and more. By processing and modeling vast amounts of data using smart algorithms, data analysis can be automated in a way that outperforms human effort, triggering and refining marketing activity that converts.

This is especially relevant for mobile marketers and analysts who have to ensure positive mobile app experiences can be built in real-time to reduce churn and stay agile.

Chris Sperandio, Product Lead at Segment, recently said, “You need to have your analytics on lock and your app shaved down if you want to seize the upside of ML in your app and across your organization.”

Dialing in on opportunities with artificial intelligence will help your company trim out manual processes and automate them with the rapid computational ability of machines.

At the upcoming Mobile Analytics Summit, Chris Sperandio will be presenting “‘Making Room’ for AI and ML in Your Org and Your App,” discussing ways to optimize marketing strategy using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Register for the event to listen to this and other mobile-focused thought leadership.

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Jack Vawdrey

Jack Vawdrey is a content marketing strategist and closet programmer interested in the opportunities that marketing technology and automation present for enterprises. Passionate about digital marketing, content marketing, and analytics, Jack is continuously honing his skills in these areas and relishes an opportunity to share what he's learned. Jack joined the ObservePoint marketing team in 2016 as Managing Editor and now works as a Content Marketing Consultant.

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