Announcing New VP of Customer Success; Name Change for Client Services

February 1, 2015 Brad Perry

Provo, Utah – February 1, 2015 – As part of its commitment to provide proactive, strategic approaches to Data Quality Assurance, ObservePoint today announced that it has appointed Jarin Stevens VP of Customer Success. Additionally, the Client Services Team has been reorganized under the name Customer Success to reflect their focus on empowering and supporting ObservePoint’s clients in their effort to manage, monitor, and improve data quality for their companies. Finally, Technical Account Managers will be re-titled as Customer Success Managers.

“When I considered joining ObservePoint, I was attracted to the passion the entire company had for web analytics and customer interaction, and I was equally impressed by our Client Services team,” remarked Stevens, a seasoned veteran in Customer Success roles at companies such as Adobe, Novell, and ADP.

“With this change, we aren’t taking away their imperative to support clients at the technical level with simulations, audits, reporting, and training, but we are raising the bar and our level of service to be more proactive, more strategic, and build solid relationships throughout the customer lifecycle. With this new ideal, we felt it appropriate to change their titles as well.”

ObservePoint Expands Managed Services

Last year, ObservePoint added a highly-regarded Managed Services division, which is comprised of Data Quality Assurance experts who act in an agent-like capacity to augment the capabilities of ObservePoint platform clients. Data Quality Experts deliver data within a scope in a contracted segment of work, identify data collection gaps, and perform complex analysis within the digital marketing technology stack. A number of clients are already taking advantage of this offering, with a great deal of success.

“We are proud of the work our Managed Services team is producing, and we intend to continue with expansion of these services in such a way that ensures a high quality of service in every engagement,” said Stevens. Much like our SaaS platform, ObservePoint Managed Services is unique offering in the space, since we’re the only company that focuses entirely on Data Quality Assurance in Digital Marketing.

Contacting Your CSM

Customers requiring support or having inquiries should contact, and address their CSM in the greeting of the email. In the case that the name of the CSM is unknown, it will be routed appropriately. Alternatively, customers can phone in during business hours, toll-free at (855) 878-8466.

About Jarin

Jarin is passionate about establishing and maintaining relationships with customers to regularly improve their customer experience. He has a keen understanding of how to build, coach, and inspire a team of Customer Success Managers to both their individual success and the success of their customers by building trust and understanding while delivering on key business objectives. Jarin has worked at inContact, Adobe Systems, Allegiance, and ADP. He volunteers for the United Way, and holds a MBA from the University of Utah.

About ObservePoint

ObservePoint is the pioneer and industry leader in Data Quality Assurance. ObservePoint ensures that data collection across digital marketing channels is implemented correctly and actively performs tests to find reporting mistakes, duplicate tags, data leakage and page errors. Without any code to deploy, ObservePoint delivers alerts real-time, to help you make better decisions on your big data.

About the Author

Brad Perry

Brad Perry has been Director of Demand Generation at ObservePoint since June 2015. He is, in his own words, “unhealthily addicted to driving marketing success” and has demonstrated his unrelenting passion for marketing in various verticals. His areas of expertise include demand generation, marketing operations & system design, marketing automation, email campaign management, content strategy, multi-stage lead nurturing and website optimization.

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