Aimee Bos, Director of Analytics Strategy at Blast Analytics, to Present at Validate

September 7, 2018 Hunter Shearer

SILICON SLOPES, Utah — September 7, 2018 — ObservePoint is honored to announce that Aimee Bos, Director of Analytics Strategy at Blast Analytics & Marketing, will be presenting at ObservePoint’s Validate conference on October 2-5th 2018.

Validate is a one-of-a-kind analytics event where digital analysts gather together to learn from industry leaders, world-class brands, product evangelists and each other. Sessions focus on technical problem-solving with interactive product deep-dives, roundtable discussions and hands-on lab sessions led by solution experts. The agenda also includes live entertainment, local dining experiences and revitalizing recreational activities in the world-famous Park City, Utah.

“We’re excited to give customers, partners, and all data governance advocates the chance to get out of the office and out of a traditional conference setting to spend some time with ObservePoint,” said Rob Seolas, CEO at ObservePoint. “We’re a Utah-based company passionate about Utah’s technology boom and its amazing outdoors, and Validate is a way to bring those two passions together and share them with our customers and partners.”

Bos applies her analytics, project management, and leadership experience to help Blast’s client teams deliver the best analytics consulting solutions. Specifically, she works closely with clients to develop reports and analyze data, identify trends and relationships between different types of data, draw appropriate conclusions, and translate findings into marketing and sales strategies that drive revenue.

During Bos’ presentation titled, “Do I Really Want or Need a DMP/CDP?” she will be discussing the latest digital marketing buzzwords and show you how DMPs and CDPs are helpful to your marketing efforts. Bos will also cover topics pertaining to:

• What a data management platform is
• How to use it to identify your ideal consumers, and how to reach them across screens for maximum engagement
• How current DMP offerings try to address these cross-device challenges, and their shortcomings
• Why a DMP is not the same as a CDP
• Common use cases of a DMP – including audience targeting, customer insights, and cross-platform messaging and personalization

Aimee will speak at Validate on October 3, 2018. To register and attend this event, follow this portal: Validate 2018

About ObservePoint

ObservePoint empowers data-informed companies to trust their data and better serve their customers through the application of best practices in tag governance.

Founded in 2007 by John Pestana and Rob Seolas, ObservePoint pioneered automated web and app analytics testing. ObservePoint’s patented WebAssurance™ and AppAssurance™ technologies test millions of pages and mobile apps every month to report data loss, inflation, and leakage to web analytics managers and stakeholders of the world’s leading enterprise companies.

ObservePoint’s tag governance solution ensures that customer data is accurately collected, utilized, and safeguarded, giving your organization the confidence to make better decisions based on better data.

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