ObservePoint Sponsors Adobe Symposium in Australia and Singapore

July 24, 2015 Kara Frazier

Who wouldn’t want to take a trip to the land down under and then hop over to the beautiful island of Singapore? This year, Adobe’s Digital Marketing Symposium will be starting in Sydney, Australia on the 28th of July, and then heading over to Singapore on the 30th. Adobe has created an incredible agenda, packed with some of the most brilliant minds in the marketing world, and ObservePoint is going to take full advantage of this opportunity. Here is a glance at some can’t miss sessions that might be especially interesting for ObservePoint, and also a guide to what sights are worth seeing while abroad.

Symposium Sessions

Marketing Beyond Marketing by Brad Rencher, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Marketing for Adobe.

Marketing 2015: Return to Simple by Ann Lewnes, the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Adobe.

Marketing Beyond Marketing: Screen Innovations by David Nuescheler, the Vice President of Enterprise Technology at Adobe.

Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing by Robert Rose, the Chief Strategy Officer at Content Marketing Institute.

Nestle, Unilever and WPP: Tales From the Frontline of Marketing’s Transformation by Scott Spirit, Global Head of Digital at WPP, Aseem Puri, Marketing Director at Unilever Asia, and Khairul Syahar Khalid, Digital Engagement Manager, Nestle Malaysia.


Data-Driven Marketing/Acquisition Breakout: This Breakout could be right up ObservePoint’s alley. As a Data Quality Assurance platform, ObservePoint could dive even deeper into the world of data driven marketing, new data sources and opportunities, gathering insights to customer behavior, and mobile data. They will also be covering data privacy and protection, data attribution, and how to analyze data-driven advertising.

Customer Experience Breakout: The second Breakout will explore the importance of the Customer Experience, which doesn’t end after an initial transaction. ObservePoint could learn how each and every interaction with the customer should be a personalized experience, while still aligning with the company’s culture.

Channel Marketing Breakout: ObservePoint is branching out to various channels and this Breakout could demonstrate how to effectively engage with customers through numerous channels and in real-time interaction, while maintaining a uniform marketing effort.

Technology for Marketing Breakout: In this Breakout, ObservePoint could learn about new marketing technologies and how they would benefit the company. They will also discuss the value of data governance (one of ObservePoint’s specialties) and various technological strengths and weaknesses.

Top Sites to See While Visiting 

Tripadvisor: Sydney

 Tripadvisor: Singapore


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