Adobe to Join ObservePoint for Webinar on Obtaining Actionable Insights

June 1, 2020 Audrey Halversen

SILICON SLOPES, Utah — June 1st, 2020 — ObservePoint is pleased to announce they will be hosting a complimentary webinar, “A Framework for Actionable Insights,” with Adobe on June 10th at 11:30 a.m. EST. 

During the webinar, Matt Crupe, Senior Technical Consultant for Adobe, will speak alongside Chris O’Neill, Solutions Architect at ObservePoint and Cameron Cowan, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Strala by ObservePoint. Webinar attendees will gain expert advice about how to:

  • Standardize data collection for a foundation of accurate insights
  • Validate accurate martech deployment to collect complete, accurate data
  • Unify data from the end-to-end customer journey for a holistic customer view
  • Attribute success correctly across all marketing efforts
  • Increase revenue with actionable insights

Of the upcoming event, Chris O’Neill stated, “I think people who attend this webinar will walk away with a really thorough understanding of how they can use data standardization, validation, and unification to produce actionable insights that can drive their companies forward.”

All interested parties can register to attend the free webinar here

Matt Crupe is a digital marketer with a background in development who uses strategy to tackle complex technical issues. Prior to working at Adobe, he worked for Numeric Analytics where he overcame the challenges of tracking single-page applications by developing an Adobe Analytics module for the AngularJS framework. Crupe has a deep understanding of Adobe products and specializes in third-party API integration and video tracking for Adobe and Google Analytics. 

Chris O’Neill is a full-stack web developer who has been in the analytics space for the past 5 years. As Solutions Architect at ObservePoint, Chris helps large enterprises set up automated testing of their analytics scripts with ObservePoint so they can verify custom website tracking is always up and running.

Cameron Cowan is the Sr. Director of Product Strategy & Marketing at ObservePoint and a veteran of the marketing analytics, digital advertising, and enterprise software industries. He has joined the ObservePoint family via the recent Strala acquisition and plays an active role in product management, technical marketing, and GTM execution. Prior to his time at Strala, Cameron spent 13 years working for Adobe (via the Omniture acquisition), and gained experience in account management, consulting, and technical sales before establishing himself as a leader in product management, technical marketing, and business strategy. His career has included living overseas on multiple occasions and collaborating with marketers and technologists on four continents.

About Adobe

Founded 1982, Adobe has been promoting creativity and delivering powerful business results to companies across all industries for nearly 40 years. With more than 22,000 employees worldwide, Adobe offers a wide range of top-of-the-line creativity, business, and marketing solutions.

In March 2019, the company released Adobe Experience Platform, formerly known as Cloud Platform, a revamped suite of marketing services which uses Adobe Sensei, an AI-driven technology, to help automate marketing processes, produce behavior-driven insights, and personalize customer experiences. 

About ObservePoint

For organizations to be truly data-driven, they must answer two vital questions: 1) What is this data telling me about our customers? and 2) Can I trust my data?

Since its creation, ObservePoint has empowered insights-driven companies to trust their data and create better experiences for their customers with analytics testing and tag governance. Our automated solution enables companies to scan their digital properties for data collection and performance errors—ensuring that they are collecting accurate data to guide their decisions.

Now with Strala by ObservePoint, the ObservePoint solution also helps organizations answer the first question by unifying their data collection standards, capturing and validating every customer touchpoint, and generating trustworthy, actionable insights about their customers that drive real growth and increase ROI.

Together, these solutions arm data-driven companies with trusted data and actionable insights that drive their company forward. 

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