Adobe and ObservePoint to Broadcast Webinar on the DTM to Launch Migration

September 23, 2019 Aunica Wride

SILICON SLOPES, Utah — September 23, 2019 — ObservePoint, the pioneer of automated digital analytics testing and tag governance, is pleased to announce they will be participating in a joint webinar with Adobe on Wednesday, September 25th, 2019. The webinar is titled “Migrating from DTM to Adobe Launch: A 4-Phased Approach” and will discuss strategies on how to effectively execute the transition. 

The goal of the webinar is to help the many DTM users hoping to transition over to Launch, Adobe’s new tag management system, before DTM becomes obsolete. By the beginning of 2021, Adobe will officially sunset DTM and move to Adobe Launch. Because of the vast amounts of data typically held in DTM, migrating all the data collection rules from DTM to Launch is not always a quick process and will take time, strategy, and effort.

Presenting in the webinar will be Adobe’s Jon Viray and ObservePoint’s Mike Maziarz.

Jon Viray is Product Manager of Adobe Experience Platform Auditor and Debugger. Since joining Adobe’s product team, Jon has shipped one new product and released a number of new features. Jon joined the product team from product marketing where he helped grow Adobe Experience Platform Launch adoption from zero to over 1,500 accounts.

Mike Maziarz, Product Manager at ObservePoint, will join Jon in presenting automated methods for migrating to Launch. Before coming to ObservePoint as a data governance consultant, Mike Maziarz worked for technology giant Vivint Smarthome, where he was responsible for workforce management, retention, and business intelligence.

Join Jon Viray and Mike Maziarz and discover how to: 

  • Create a 4 phased-plan to execute the transition without a hassle 
  • Implement Adobe best practices to expedite the transition
  • Automatically validate your migration at every point to ensure accurate data collection and a complete migration

To watch the webinar live, you can register here.

About ObservePoint

As companies become increasingly dependent on digital data, how often do we stop to question the accuracy of the data that’s driving our business decisions?

ObservePoint empowers data-informed companies to trust their data and better serve their customers through enterprise solutions for analytics management and tag governance. Our solution is an automated platform that validates marketing tags and optimizes digital analytics implementations to give you accurate and actionable data.

Using proprietary technology to scan websites and apps for data-collection errors, ObservePoint ensures data-driven businesses are, in fact, collecting accurate data to guide their decisions and to better connect with their audience.

For more information visit Follow ObservePoint on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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