Why You Should Audit Your Web Tags

December 1, 2018 Clint Eagar

Web tags are the lifeblood of your online web analytics and marketing strategy. They are the data collectors, the optimizers, the trackers.

Keeping these tags online and functional—and promptly identifying and removing unauthorized vendors—is a top-level concern for marketing departments.

You need to audit your web tags.

Why You Should Audit Your Web Tags outlines key considerations surrounding broken tags and how to avoid them. This eBook touches on:

  • What causes tags to stop functioning
  • The underlying threats of broken data governance processes
  • How to identify and safeguard against broken tags

Fill out the form and download the free ebook to learn how tag auditing can help ensure your data collection practices are on point.

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Clint Eagar

Clint gets things done. He has been building websites, marketing and optimizing them for 15 years. He claims to know a little bit about a lot of things and is relied on to execute anything quickly. Clint has been with ObservePoint since the early days and has helped support, test, and promote the product. Before coming to ObservePoint he was at OrangeSoda, running the enterprise SEO team, and before that he was a business consultant at Omniture.

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