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Migrating to GA4 in Four Phases

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1 Google just announced that, as it's been a year since they introduced Google Analytics 4 and have built additional features and capabilities, it is time GA4 became the primary analytics platform. Although there has yet to be a public announcement on when Google will be sunsetting Universal Analytics (now referred to as GA3), now is the time to get familiar with the new tool and start mi - grating. Up until now, the recommendation from Google and other experts had been to have both Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 tags running side-by-side while you start ramping your team up to become GA4 experts. You can still have both platforms live as you make the migration to help determine what you'll need to transition. GA4 is different from GA3 in terms of its interface, organi- zation, reporting, and most importantly, data schema. This tip sheet discusses those differences as well as the advantages of GA4 and a general 4-phased approach towards migrating your analytics implementation so that you can jump into the next gen- eration of analytics. Migrating to GA4 in Four Phases How to Smoothly Transition from Universal Analytics

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