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Connect Marketing to Revenue With Performance Measurement

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5 Step 4: Increase your attribution capabilities Once you've gathered clean, complete data, bridged the gap between marketing, sales, and ser- vice/support, and expanded the scope of your attributes, you are ready for the final puzzle piece in understanding how customer interactions contribute to financial success: your attribution model. Most attribution strategies focus only on the experiences of users who convert—but these custom- ers typically account for only 3% of a company's site visitors. Ignoring the other 97% can hinder your ability to correctly understand which strategies are working and which are not. For example, imagine you are looking at conversion data and you see that every customer who engaged with a specific piece of marketing content ended up purchasing from your brand. Sounds great, right? But what if you then discover that every site visitor- including the 97% that did not convert- encountered that same piece of content? Suddenly, that content doesn't seem nearly the surefire winner you had originally thought it to be. A performance measurement solution can further increase the depth of your attribution strategy by running machine-led attribution on all your customer data, including both those who convert and those who do not, so you can more clearly see the revenue-contributing impact of your efforts. Achieving Effective Performance Measurement Today's most data-driven companies are using performance measurement to help them un- derstand the ROI of their efforts across all phases of the customer experience. With an enterprise performance measurement solution like ObservePoint, you can unify all your data upfront and track dozens of focused attributes, so that you can more effectively attribute revenue credit to your mar- keting, sales, and support strategies. With your focus set on the financial impact of everything you do, you'll be ready to drive overall business performance. To learn more about how you can get actionable insights in real time, schedule a demo today. Hint: No business should be held hostage to a single, fixed approach of view- ing its data. In addition to machine-led attribution, ObservePoint's perfor- mance measurement solution also offers a variety of single- and multi-touch rules-based attribution models, giving you the flexibility to leverage whichever model or combination of models is most appropriate to answering the busi- ness question(s) at hand. SCHEDULE A DEMO SCHEDULE A DEMO

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