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The Value of Data Governance & Performance Measurement

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The Value of Data Governance & Performance Measurement How enterprises use ObservePoint to ensure quality data, optimize customer experiences, and drive growth and ROI with actionable insights. The goal of your company's online (and offline) presence is to generate new revenue. And generat- ing that revenue depends on your ability to accurately capture the end-to-end customer journey and leverage that information to improve marketing and sales strategies. For this process to work, you need to feel confident that your tools and technologies are collecting accurate, complete data that will drive growth. However, the teams responsible for collecting and analyzing data often encounter a myriad of challenges, including: Multiple hands or teams touching site pages, resulting in duplicate, missing, or broken tags that impede data collection or interrupt user experiences Manual data cleansing processes that are time-intensive and susceptible to error Disorganized campaign tracking systems (such as a series of Excel spreadsheets) that track data in silos and at different levels of granularity, resulting in data gaps that weaken insights Decision-makers who lack confidence in the data collected and/or insights derived from a faulty attribution model Through automated performance measurement and data governance, ObservePoint solves the problems above and helps you make better use of your time, investments, and insights. 1

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