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Overcome the 8 Most Frustrating Campaign Tracking Limitations

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7 8 Bad links All too often, campaigns go live with "bad" links—404 errors, unseen redirects stripping off vital tracking parameters, blank pages, etc.—or links go bad over time. (The law of entropy is real!) Bad URLs can occur due to any number of mistakes, including incorrect link syntax, low/no governance in URL monitoring, laziness, or good old fashion human error. Companies spend precious budget driving traffic to nowhere, not because they like flushing marketing dollars down the drain, but simply because automating URL verification isn't possible through their existing systems. Yes, mistakes happen; but your performance measurement practice should not have to languish in mediocrity because of them. Crush bad links by automatically verifying your touchpoint URLs A touchpoint management solution gives you the ability to automatically verify every step of your campaign—including URLs—on an ongoing basis. Doing so will allow you to ensure your URLs are always functioning appropriately, getting your customers to their desired destinations and providing you the data you need to optimize those customer experiences. Validate all the data on your website with ObservePoint In conjunction with using Strala by Observepoint's touchpoint manage- ment solution to overcome campaign tracking limitations, you can also use ObservePoint's data governance software to validate that all the MarTech on your site is functioning properly and delivering the ROI you need to grow your business.

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