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Overcome the 8 Most Frustrating Campaign Tracking Limitations

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6 If you answered true to either, then you're just like the majority of marketers. In either scenario, no single source of truth with a single taxonomy exists for your marketing and experience data. As a result, you end up with duplication of efforts, missing attributes, misaligned data, and time wasted cleansing combined data sets in an attempt to retrofit them into a single composite long after the data has been collected in an (often futile) attempt to unify it. Ask any data scientist what they spend the majority of their time doing, and for nearly all of them it isn't actually data science (which is what we pay them top dollar to do!). It is time spent in data preparation—the mundane task of cleaning up incomplete, inconsistent, misaligned data so they can eventually (hopefully!) get to the value-add of their core craft. Here's a quick poll for you: • True or false. Your company uses multiple spreadsheets across teams incorporating different taxonomies. • True or false. Your company's campaign tracking standards don't solve for the taxonomy inconsistencies that exist between all of your Ad and MarTech platforms. 7 Inconsistent data standards Move past inconsistent data by pre-defining data standards You need the ability to pre-define your data standards with a consistent enterprise-wide taxonomy before you ever start collecting data, and a full-featured touchpoint man- agement solution will help you do exactly that. Creating these predefined data standards allows all teams across your organization to align behind common taxonomy, helping you avoid data inconsistencies across functions and individuals. It also helps you save vast amounts of time and resources previously lost to "data wrangling" once data has been collected, while unlocking additional insights not previously available when working within the confines of siloed data.

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