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Overcome the 8 Most Frustrating Campaign Tracking Limitations

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3 4 Inflexible data that can't be updated When using hard-coded text parameters such as UTM, you can't easily update those values after traffic has been gener- ated and the data collected. So even if a mistake was made or if the values are updated post-campaign launch, by nature of the system design, your data ends up too rigid to be updated when necessary. For example, imagine you have a naming structure for your paid advertising campaigns that changed when new market- ing leadership joined your company at the beginning of the year. "Campaign1-Brand-SEM" in 2019 has data you'd like to align with "CampaignA-BR-PPC" in 2020 to see year-over-year performance metrics. Unfortunately, because your UTM_ Campaign values are hardcoded, your Campaign report has multiple line items for each of hundreds of campaigns, and your analytics team has to go through some significant data/reporting gymnastics to clean up the mess. This could have all been avoided had you used a single unified tracking ID instead of a hard-coded campaign parameter. Eliminate inflexible data by controlling data values— especially UTM values—on an ongoing basis An effective touchpoint management solution allows you to maintain complete control and flexibility over your dimen- sional values (metadata) by basing all tracking on a universal tracking ID. All underlying attributes (such as Campaign Name in the example above) are mapped to this single unifying "key," while giving you full flexibility to update values or completely redesign your reporting taxonomy at any time. This design puts you in a position to update your data values when and where you need to, both going forward and retroactively, so you can pivot quickly and obtain the insights you need while maintaining accuracy.

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