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Overcome the 8 Most Frustrating Campaign Tracking Limitations

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2 2 Data loss due to URL truncation Any time you use long tracking IDs—or in the case of UTM parameters, several long tracking IDs—you risk the values getting truncated due to browser limitations if the URL is too long. Unfortunately, when this occurs, tracking inconsisten- cy and misalignment can cause notable data loss, seriously hampering the accuracy of a campaign's calculated ROI. Eliminate data loss by managing shortened URLs at scale with automation You can utilize a touchpoint management solution to easily create and manage dynamic URLs that are shortened to avoid truncation, helping you avoid data loss. Shorter, cleaner URLs also provide for a better end-user experience. Additionally, a touchpoint management solution will allow you to create and manage these tracking URLs at scale with the help of automation, allowing you to save human effort. Dynamic URLs are often needed as part of your campaign or experience. Separate tools are required to create vanity URLs, shortened URLs, etc. causing a disjointed, error-prone experience where tracking parameters or IDs are often not copied over cor- rectly or left out entirely. Get rid of inconvenient URL processes by creating shortened URLs within a single tool In addition to using a touchpoint management solution to man- age URL length and consistency, you can also shorten URLs to fit more in line with your branding goals and enhance your customer experiences. The ability to accomplish this with automation in a single tool allows you to cut down on human error, save time, and easily ensure URL accuracy on an ongoing basis. 3 Inconvenient process for creating tracking-based vanity/shortened URLs

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