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5 Tips to Recession-Proof Your Marketing Investments

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5 Tips to Recession-Proof Your Marketing Investments Unfortunately, recessions are an inevitable part of doing business in a fluid economy. If you're in business for a long period of time, you're bound to encounter one. Luckily, in the marketing sphere, there are actions you can take to mitigate the effects of a recession on your business. Read on to discover 5 tips to recession-proof your marketing investments and learn how ObservePoint can help you execute on them. 1 Continue to Invest in Business Intelligence & Analytics Being a data-driven business is even more important during a recession. Here's what you can do to maintain data-driven decision-making in your organization: Prioritize business intelligence and analytics. When times get tough, you may be tempted to divert some of your marketing budget away from business intelligence and analytics spending, but this would be a mistake. You need your data the most when you're swimming in the uncertainty of a recession. Reinforce a data-driven mindset across your organization. You need to keep your team focused on making smart, data-backed decisions during a recession. To accomplish this, you should reinforce this data focus in all business interactions, including team meetings, memos, and miscellaneous communications. Investing in ObservePoint's MarTech governance and performance measurement solutions will allow you to ensure accurate data collection and obtain actionable insights around every step of your customer journey. As a result, you can prioritize decisions that will most effectively engage your customers and help you move forward with confidence, even during a recession. Additionally, our solutions allow you to set permissions and create notifications around data governance, so your team can stay aligned, data-centric, and be alerted to customer data accuracy issues immediately. Here's how we can help:

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