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5 Tips to Recession-Proof Your Marketing Investments

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5 5 Invest Where You Can Measure and Where ROI is Reliable ObservePoint allows you to improve the measurability of all your different channels—even channels involving offline cus- tomer touchpoints. With Strala by ObservePoint's attribution and performance measurement solution you can increase ROI by going beyond single-touch attribution to accurately measure the performance of each touchpoint, piece of con- tent, and channel along your entire customer journey. Clearly and quickly identifying what drives consistent revenue leads to more effective investments during difficult economic times. Here's how we can help: When budgets get tight due to a recession, you need to be able to prove ROI, and proving ROI requires measurability. Here are some classic channel investments that most easily give you the ability to measure results: Targeting where your investments have been most reliable up to this point is another helpful option. Just keep in mind that what works well for one business might not perform well for another. Here are some channels that tend to perform well across many businesses. • Paid Search • Organic Search • Website Analytics Optimization • Email • Email Marketing • Social Media Marketing • Organic Search

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