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FOR CUSTOMER INSIGHTS PROFESSIONALS Advance Your Customer Analytics Maturity February 4, 2020 © 2020 Forrester Research, Inc. Unauthorized copying or distributing is a violation of copyright law. or +1 866-367-7378 2 Roadmap: The Customer Analytics Playbook Build Your Roadmap Based On Your Customer Analytics Maturity To be truly customer obsessed, firms must continue to invest in customer analytics. Whether you're just getting started or evolving an existing analytics program, building an advanced customer analytics strategy and roadmap is no small task. It starts with an assessment of your current analytics maturity. Forrester's Customer Analytics Maturity Assessment helps CI pros establish a baseline customer analytics maturity level across six critical competencies: strategy, structure, data, analytics, process, and technology. The results of your self-assessment will show you where to focus your efforts and plan your steps to reach the next maturity level. Build your roadmap to fill in the gaps and bolster weak areas across these six competencies (see Figure 1). FIGURE 1 Grow And Change Your Customer Analytics Strategy Across Six Competencies Establish a culture that values insights-driven decision making and continuous optimization. Create a cross-functional analytics organization that collaborates and coordinates across internal teams and external partnerships. Strive for high-quality customer data sourcing, management, and preparation. Align your rm's use of various analytical techniques to key business outcomes. Dene processes for analytics prioritization, execution, activation, and dissemination. Implement technologies that will produce, distribute, and activate customer analytics. Strategy Structure Data Analytics Process Technology Competency Key strategy The Path To Advanced Customer Analytics Has Three Stages CI pros should plan to mature progressively through three consecutive roadmap stages. Each stage aligns to the corresponding beginner, intermediate, and advanced maturity levels detailed in the assessment report of Forrester's customer analytics playbook. 1 To reach the next level, use this roadmap as a guide. Beginners: Develop Your Customer Analytics Strategy These firms lack formal investment in customer analytics; they treat customer analytics as an uncoordinated and ad hoc activity tied to overall business intelligence (BI) and business analytics activities. For these firms, customer analytics informs direct marketing in established channels like

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