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How Carnival Corporation Made a Smooth Transition from DTM to Launch with ObservePoint

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Adobe Partner Story Adobe Systems Incorporated 345 Park Avenue San Jose, CA 95110-2704 USA Testing newly developed code and side-by-side comparisons Once migrated, the Carnival team worked to fix any errors early in their Launch implementation. " e team is small," said Tim, "and I didn't want to devote their time to fixing errors in production that we could address in development." Doing so would be a significant feat since the team had to put in a lot of legwork to update code as they transferred tags and code from DTM to Launch. "We ended up rewriting 65% to 70% of the rules that were originally in DTM," Tim said. "It was a lengthy process, but was necessary to maintain consistent tag firing and data collection from one system to another." e team also recognized the likelihood they'd miss something as code was rewrien. In some cases they would deprecate a piece of code because they didn't fully understand how critical it was, only to realize that particular code was necessary for a rule to function. Using Web Audits, the team was able to easily visualize and fix these errors. By running audits of their live DTM implementation and their development Launch implementation, they were able to verify whether their tagging was the same between the two sites. ese side-by-side comparisons were especially valuable for verifying their Adobe Analytics tag was the same between the old and new systems. "We were able to validate that the code we had migrated and even rewrien was working and outpuing the same results. at's where our biggest use has been." With the migration complete, Carnival can return to normal operating procedures, but now with an enhanced system for managing the collection of campaign data. e downstream effect is that they are able to collect beer data, more efficiently, and ultimately know how to deliver beer digital experiences to their customers. Working with ObservePoint, Carnival has been able to decrease the quality assurance resources needed to validate and verify its analytics implementation by almost 75%. Learn more about how ObservePoint can help your team make a smooth migration from DTM to Adobe Launch and to continually test and validate your implementation over time. For more information

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