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How Carnival Corporation Made a Smooth Transition from DTM to Launch with ObservePoint

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Adobe Partner Story " at's what ObservePoint is there to do. We simplify and speed up the QA process and make sure you have accurate data. We're basically testing a QA solution that ensures—before you even put your analytics into production—that everything is in place and collecting data and variables as it should, so you can trust the data you're making your marketing decisions on." Pat Hillery, VP of Product at ObservePoint Overcoming migration challenges Carnival selected ObservePoint's WebAssurance to support the migration. is ObservePoint solution scans websites and ensures tags are in place and collecting accurate data. "ObservePoint has been really central to our success here at Carnival since the very beginning ," Tim said. "So, when we knew that we were going to have to migrate, we already had ObservePoint in place to help automate QA testing , and it just became a natural extension." rough proprietary auditing and validation technology, WebAssurance can parse the network requests coming off a batch of pages or conversion paths, test the values against predefined rules, then notify you of any issues. Establishing a baseline with Web Audits Regarding this aspect of the migration, Tim said, "Like any migration, there was no output from DTM that says, 'Here are all the tags you have running , here is all the custom code you have running.'" Before aempting the migration, Tim needed a way to create a baseline for Carnival's tags that would change with their implementation, without requiring a ton of manual work upfront. e team opted to use ObservePoint's Web Audits feature. Web Audits are batched scans of pages that return aggregated reports showing which tags fire on each page of a site. By running periodic Web Audits of their live site and DTM implementation, the Carnival team was able to create snapshots of what their implementation looked like on any given day. "We produced a number of ObservePoint reports that told us everything the site had on it that day," Tim explained. "Page by page, we were able to see all the tags that we needed to make sure to include in our master project plan. ObservePoint has been part of every step of our planning." Using the results of these audits, the Carnival team was able to prioritize which tags they needed to migrate to Launch and beer keep track of what they had already moved.

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