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How Carnival Corporation Made a Smooth Transition from DTM to Launch with ObservePoint

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Adobe Partner Story Unfortunately, migrating from one TMS to another isn't as simple as taking a snapshot of the old and uploading it into the new. For starters, the systems are different. Some DTM features and workflows had been enhanced and updated in Launch, making a one-to-one migration impossible. Beyond that, TMS migrations are a moving target. e Carnival team had to make frequent updates at the request of their individual brands. Most weeks, brands would send 10-15 requests through, adding to the already resource-heavy initiative. With these platform differences and frequent changes, there was no simple way to create a single source of truth to refer to during the migration. Other challenges included: Handling volume Because Carnival used a single DTM instance to meet the needs of all five brands, there was a huge volume of tags that needed to be evaluated and migrated. Combined with the dynamic nature of their implementation, this volume could prove to be unmanageable if handled manually. Working efficiently with limited resources At the time, the Carnival migration team was comprised of Tim and two others—a tagging architect and a consultant. e time they could spend on quality assurance testing was limited as it was, without even taking into account the extensive testing requirements that would come with migrating to a new tag management system. To perform QA manually during this transition would be extremely time consuming and riddled with human error. "ObservePoint is going to be right there behind us going through and scanning and making sure that our base implementation integrations work the same across all of the brands. With ObservePoint and Adobe Launch, we know that our tools have our back." Tim Crandley, Head of Global Marketing Technology, Carnival Corporation

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