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How Carnival Corporation Made a Smooth Transition from DTM to Launch with ObservePoint

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Adobe Partner Story Carnival Corporation is the world's largest leisure travel company and is known for providing some of the top travel destinations and experiences worldwide. A holding company for well-known companies like Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Line, and Princess Cruises, Carnival employs over 120,000 people and aracts 11.5 million guests per year. Key to Carnival's success is its various websites that allow users to view destinations, explore activities, book travel, and more. Underpinning these websites is a robust Adobe Experience Cloud implementation to collect user data and personalize the user experience. As Head of Global Marketing and Technology, Tim Crandley was responsible for the marketing technology for five of Carnival's brands. He was a driving force behind what was to be an arduous, but successful, migration to Adobe's new tag management system, Launch by Adobe. "We had set a goal to switch to Launch because, as the latest technology, it works so much beer," Tim explained. "However, no one has produced a buon you can push and have all of your data and code magically move in perfect working order from one product to another. In the end, everything needs to be right. You need to have a plan." Migrating from DTM to Launch Launch by Adobe, or Adobe Launch, is Adobe's cuing-edge tag management system (TMS). Adobe Launch was built from the ground up with the goal of being highly extensible, automatable, and optimized for performance. Carnival's TMS implementation was built using Dynamic Tag Management (DTM), Adobe's legacy TMS. But when Adobe Launch became available and Adobe announced they would sunset DTM in favor of Launch, the Carnival team began evaluating how they could proactively and effectively carry out the migration. Challenges of migrating tag management systems While up to the task, Carnival faced some potential obstacles. e first was how they could maintain data collection consistency during the migration. e second was how to handle the huge volume of tagging rules in the shared TMS property. ird, the team would need to work effectively with limited resources. Maintaining consistency e goal of a TMS migration is, at a minimum, to maintain the status quo for the marketing processes, business decisions, employees, and customers that rely on the technologies deployed via a TMS. Carnival Corporation • • Employs over 120,000 people • Aracts 11.5 million guests annually • Includes 10 cruise line brands ObservePoint ObservePoint is an automated platform built to validate marketing tags and optimize digital analytics implementations. CHALLENGES • Effectively and efficiently migrating data • Evaluating current coding and DTM rules to determine relevance • Rewriting portions of code base to ensure compatibility

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