Digital CX Trends, 2019

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For Customer experienCe proFessionals Digital CX Trends, 2019 april 22, 2019 © 2019 Forrester research, inc. unauthorized copying or distributing is a violation of copyright law. or +1 866-367-7378 9 Digital CX And Human-Centered Experience Design Align — At Last facebook-research-app); and Sam Schechner and Mark Secada, "you Give Apps Sensitive Personal information. Then They Tell facebook." The Wall Street Journal, february 22, 2019 ( sensitive-personal-information-then-they-tell-facebook-11550851636). 23 See the forrester report "The Algorithm of you: Meet your Personal digital Twin." Source: Lucinda Shen, "Wells fargo Wants its 'Control Tower' to Manage your digital financial Life," fortune, July 19, 2017 (

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