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For Customer experienCe proFessionals Digital CX Trends, 2019 april 22, 2019 © 2019 Forrester research, inc. unauthorized copying or distributing is a violation of copyright law. or +1 866-367-7378 2 Digital CX And Human-Centered Experience Design Align — At Last show similar patterns of pestering. And in new channels, it's not looking much better: Google Home and Amazon echo devices are known for their overeager tendency to accidentally interrupt conversations when they misperceive someone as having spoken to them. To avoid this, organizations need CX pros to lead them away from their misguided focus on getting as much of their customers' attention and engagement as possible — and instead toward knowing customers' goals and helping to accomplish them. 2. retail spaces Gone Digital show Promise — But It's Not All smooth sailing Many retailers are transforming the shopping experience with digital innovations — through digital touchpoints that replace humans and by augmenting stores based on customer and operational data that lets them personalize experiences and improve operations. As a result: › shopping is getting more and more digitized. . . . There are now 10 Amazon Go stores, which are cashier-less thanks to arrays of cameras and sensors, and many more are on the way. 2 other retailers, including Lenovo, Sam's Club, and Walmart, are also experimenting with this approach. And new technologies continue to roll out to help facilitate digitization of physical spaces — like lululab's skincare assistant, which can provide Ai-generated insights about a customer who uses yi Tunnel's vending machine. › . . . But poorly considered design choices leave consumers dissatisfied. Shoppers have to learn new interfaces to navigate these automated journeys — a hurdle in the customer experience. Consider the common refrain from new Amazon Go customers that the experience feels like shoplifting — sparking uncertainty and anxiety. This is another instance where more expertise from Xd pros is sorely needed. 3. Design Leaders Are maturing Beyond Craft And methodology — To Empathy And Impact from the many design professionals we hear from across industries, it's clear they now increasingly recognize that: › Good design is essential. . . . While craft and methodology are crucial to creating better experiences for customers, they're not sufficient for design to achieve its full potential. And neither is it enough to evangelize the importance of design. › . . . But to fulfill its potential, design leaders are becoming its ambassadors. instead, design leaders are recognizing they must tap into their ability to empathize — widely considered to be one of their "superpowers" — and apply it not just to customers but to colleagues in other roles in the organization. What this means ranges widely — from understanding and speaking the language of business goals and results to gaining fluency in how data science can contribute to design. What we heard:

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