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The ROI Of Privacy Business Case: The Customer Trust And Privacy Playbook by Fatemeh Khatibloo and Reggie Lau February 5, 2019 Licensed FoR individuaL use onLy fORResTeR.COm Key Takeaways Privacy Programs face A Perception Issue Business leaders view privacy programs warily, as a threat to innovation and growth, difficult to measure, and overly focused on a niche consumer concern. marketers' Privacy Programs Are Too focused On Compliance Instead Of Differentiation compliance isn't the answer to privacy and data ethics woes. Marketers that want to keep customer trust and avoid creepy marketing need to focus on privacy as a competitive differentiator. forrester's TeI framework Helps marketers Build A Case for Customer-first Privacy The Tei model shows that privacy is not a sunk cost but instead has a positive Roi. clients should adjust the Tei model to reflect their unique business and derive a custom Roi calculation for their scenario. The model factors-in costs for a privacy breach, not just a data breach, including post-event investments, and helps marketers quantify the value of protecting customers' trust and privacy. Why Read This Report organizations have traditionally focused investment and resources on preventing data breaches, but consumers are growing more aware of privacy breaches and creepy experiences. B2c marketers must make a case for investment in customer trust and privacy beyond security and risk protocols. This report uses Forrester's Total economic impactâ„¢ (Tei) framework to help marketers justify investing in privacy to drive revenue and foster customer trust. This PdF is only licensed for individual use when downloaded from or all other distribution prohibited.

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