2019 Digital Analytics and Governance Report

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2 2 Introduction Analytics have become a staple of digital business. At least, that's how executives feel. According to a joint Cisco and Forbes survey of 207 global executives, 58% of analytics leaders see a correlation between analytics initiatives and a "significant improvement" in their competitive positions. Of these same executives, 76% will "expand and/or modernize their underlying IT infrastructure to better support analytics in the coming year." The analytics pie is set to get even bigger. But what exactly do those efforts look like within the context of the organization? What teams do analytics practitioners sit on? Who do they report to? What do they value most? ObservePoint set out to gather further information into the identities, responsibilities, and priorities of analytics practitioners. We surveyed 494 individuals with various relationships to analytics activities in organizations then narrowed in on those who self-identified as working on an analytics team. Below are the highlights of what we discovered.

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