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Exture Reduces Recruit Lifestyle’s QA Time by More Than 75%

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Looking to the Future in Japan In just the few short months since Exture and Recruit Lifestyle started using ObservePoint, Recruit Lifestyle analytics team has begun using ObservePoint's technology across 8 of their 25 websites and are working to get the tag governance solution started on all properties. The most impactful benefits Recruit Lifestyle has been able to see so far are in efficiency—going from what used to take four full-time people on a monthly basis to manually check and monitor their websites to one person per month to manage everything. ObservePoint makes governing tags across development cycles much easier, but it's when technology is paired with people and processes that there is real success. Companies such as Exture and Recruit Lifestyle are forerunners in Japan when it comes to not taking their analytics or time for granted. Through their efforts to implement ObservePoint's tag governance process, Recruit Lifestyle's Analytics team was able to build their case for data quality wins within their organization, which enables them to continue making their processes more and more efficient and their data more reliable. - 4 Full-time employees QAing per month - QA only main path and pages - No website health monitoring Before After - Less than 1 Full-time Employee QAing per month - Audit all pages automatically - Monitoring slow- loading pages, JS, errors with broken links, etc. "QA went from four full-time employees per month to less than one full-time employee per month." Before ObservePoint, we were only able to QA main paths and pages. Now we can audit all site pages. In the past, we had no site health monitoring, but through ObservePoint's detection of slow page loading, JS errors, pages with broken links, etc., we have been able to improve the quality of Recruit Lifestyle's websites. I love ObservePoint." "I love ObservePoint." Nobuki Yura, Web Analyst at Recruit Lifestyle, sums up the benefits they have seen from using ObservePoint: T H E D I F F E R E N C E W I T H O B S E R V E P O I N T

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