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Exture Reduces Recruit Lifestyle’s QA Time by More Than 75%

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• Exponential increases in the amount of data being collected • Finite resources and time to manage QA implementations • Data quality issues due to inadequate testing ObservePoint's Technology Governance, including primary features: • Audits • Rules The Beginning of a Beautiful Partnership The State of Recruit Lifestyle's Analytics Testing Founded in 2012, Exture has become a highly respected consulting services firm in Tokyo, Japan. With the goal to simplify the world with data, Exture assists many prominent Japanese users of Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics to do more effective analysis with their web analytics and other big data platforms. Regarding the current state of data analytics and tag governance in Japan, Exture's Managing Director of Research and Development, Shige Abe, comments that: Recruit Lifestyle manages 25 different brands with: • More than 250 Report Suites • Over 4 billion visits / month • Visits are increasing 20% every year "Through the use of ObservePoint, Recruit Lifestyle has set out to further increase the reliability of their data." C H A L L E N G E S R E S U L T S K E Y P R O D U C T S U S E D "It seems most companies either simply assume their data is being collected properly, or if they notice some issue with their data collection, they do nothing or are unable to do anything about it." In 2017, ObservePoint began working closely with Exture to implement tag governance. Abe is one of the primary drivers of the respect Exture has garnered, affectionately referred to as the "Mr. Miyagi of Data Governance." Together Abe and ObservePoint have been working with one of Exture's clients, Recruit Lifestyle, to establish superior practices of data governance within their organization. Recruit Lifestyle provides media services to a variety of customers, such as Hot Pepper Gourmet, Hot Pepper Beauty, and Jalan, and Abe is confident that: Even before working with Exture and ObservePoint, Recruit Lifestyle had an understanding of the importance of proper data governance. However, with Recruit Lifestyle's Analytics team managing websites and implementing Adobe Analytics for over 25 media and services brands—and with more digital properties and companies being added all the time—their team was struggling to keep up with the extensive data QA processes and tasks. For Recruit Lifestyle, the task at hand was significant— spanning 25 of their client's digital properties are over 250 report suites with more than 100 variables, over 4 billion visits per month, and visits increasing 20 percent per year. • Reduced the time spent in QA processes by more than 75% • Implemented an automated and ongoing QA auditing process • Initiated site health monitoring to improve user experience Abe believes that because of these situations and the growing need to base decisions on better data, that data and tag governance will become more of a focus in Japan. Recruit Lifestyle's most difficult challenges associated with this exponentially increasing data collection is QAing the implementations that are collecting all this data. And

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