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For Customer InsIghts ProFessIonals Organize For Digital Intelligence With Three Models october 30, 2018 © 2018 Forrester research, Inc. unauthorized copying or distributing is a violation of copyright law. or +1 866-367-7378 7 Organization: The Digital Intelligence Playbook recommendations drive More insights To actions With The Coe Model To drive more value from data and insights, Ci pros must pursue a delicate balance between providing digital insights that give an enterprise view of customers and providing high-value insights specific to LOBs, operational, and functional areas. The Coe model supports that balancing act. To succeed in using the Coe approach: › Obtain visible and vocal executive support. it may sound simplistic, but it's true: digital intelligence's role in transforming companies to become insights driven won't happen without executive leadership playing a strong role. 10 however, if your company doesn't have a direct C-level focus on an insights Coe, don't despair. if, at the very least, there's senior sponsorship that includes the authority to drive actions from insights, established companies with a strong legacy pull toward the old ways can make good progress with a well-run Coe. › seek external partners to help you accelerate adoption. The value that a mature digital intelligence practice delivers ensures that early adopters gain competitive advantage. But firms that rely on maturing their practices by themselves will fall behind. To speed up the adoption of well- defined strategies and the skills, processes, and technologies to support digital intelligence, firms must partner with vendors to deliver the relevant services and technology. 11 for example, a global travel and leisure company blends in-house and outsourced resources seamlessly under a single analytics leader. This melded approach delivers a broad analytics skill set, allowing for a flexible resource pool that can meet peak demands and painlessly reduce expenses as demand diminishes or expertise needs change. › Build a strategy and road map for your digital intelligence organization. Ci pros must build the adoption road map for digital intelligence across the enterprise by progressively developing capabilities based on the four components of digital intelligence: data and technology; people; metrics; and optimization. start by using forrester's digital intelligence assessment. 12 use this appraisal as a base from which to develop your vision and build your road map. 13 › create a governance team to pave the way for organizational change. if you are planning or undertaking a reorganization, keep in mind that a reorg may eliminate barriers, but it won't on its own make digital analytics work better. The biggest risk of a reorg is that new silos or barriers pile on top of existing ones — the opposite of the desired effect. 14 To avoid that, solicit the executive leader charged with the reorg to also lead a governance team that defines and manages concrete objectives. if there's no clear leader, build a steering committee with like-minded Ci colleagues and business stakeholders. invite LOB and operational leaders to participate, then align on reorg objectives tied to customer metrics.

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