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Tags Audited in One Hour "How do you know that you don't have multiple tags and those numbers are really hyper-inflated? You could be receiving inflated data, or you may not be receiving data at all. These are the things that happen without tag maintenance or management," Lima said. "ObservePoint fulfills that need." Analysts sometimes hesitate to question the analytics on which they so heavily rely— and decision-makers who are not personally monitoring reports are often left in the dark. "People invest a lot of money into their analytics platforms and if you are not implementing that correctly, what you implemented may not be working," said Milton Huezo, a spokesman for Lima Consulting Group. Finding a Solution Lima Consulting Group adopted ObservePoint when auditing website tags by hand became too time-consuming and burdensome for their team to manage. "What do we want to do with underperforming assets? We want to tune them up. And now we're more productive because we have ObservePoint," Lima said. "We wound up saving a lot of time." The goal of ObservePoint is to enable digital marketers, analysts and decision-makers to trust their analytics data by ensuring data collection tools are implemented correctly, and collecting complete and accurate data. "As digital marketing consultants, ObservePoint is a tool we needed to have, especially when auditing analytics tags," Lima said. "Tags are important because there is an evolution there that always needs to be updated, and sometimes they are left behind." Huezo added, "With a tool like ObservePoint, you look at all the different versions of tags that could cause data discrepancies." Manual Audit Tool-Assisted Manual Audit ObservePoint 100,000 10,000 1,000 100 Pages Audited 177,021 20% Missing Tags 37 MM Page Views Per Month 7.4 MM Views Not Tracked Results Lima estimates that ObservePoint's web tag auditing technology has helped his firm reduce the time spent on tag auditing by nearly 70 percent. "ObservePoint helps us understand the visitor," Lima explained. "It's made us better consultants, and will continue to be part of who we are." According to Huezo, "ObservePoint has enhanced our capabilities repertoire. It's a good checkpoint to make sure your data is truthful." For more information, visit ObservePoint identifies missing and duplicate tags, and helps ensure current tags report accurately. "ObservePoint will let you know when you really need to clean up your act when it comes to tag auditing," Huezo said.

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