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Fortune 500 Firm Validates Critical Page Analytics

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FORTUNE 500 FIRM VALIDATES CRITICAL PAGE ANALYTICS The ability to securely capture and validate critical analytics data is a competitive differentiator for this leading US, Fortune 500 wealth management firm. To that end, they adopted ObservePoint's Technology Governance to test and audit their implementations, ensuring against data loss while also confirming analytics functionality and reporting accuracy. Because data security and loss prevention are top priorities for this company, each pre-production analytics Audit is conducted expertly behind their secure firewall. Behind the Firewall One of the most critical pages on this firm's website allows customers to use targeted search options to find financial advisors in a specified location that suit their individual needs. This page alone delivers a large portion of business and marketing opportunities, so it is paramount that all analytics tracking works. In redesigning this search page to further improve the customer experience, the firm used Technology Governance to audit and test their Adobe Analytics implementation through development, staging and production. ObservePoint's solutions operate entirely within the digital properties instead of migrating your organization's information and without deploying any code. Technology Governance is also capable of auditing from behind the firm's secure firewall, meeting their rigorous security requirements. The firm granted Technology Governance access to the dev and staging environments behind their firewall and implemented 42 continuous Journeys—activity simulations—to monitor every link, button, user login process, and conversion funnel. These Journeys identified analytics functionality issues that the firm was able to adjust before the pages went live. The firm's analysts first use Technology Governance to audit their implementations in development and then in staging environments, testing for discrepancies that need to be corrected before the pages go live. After pages are pushed live, a comprehensive Audit verifies analytics solutions are in place and functioning correctly. Leader in Data Security

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