Data Quality and the Digital World: A Web Analytics Demystified White Paper

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Executive Summary In 2015 Web Analytics Demystified and ObservePoint called aention to the need for a greater focus on data collection and accuracy in online and mobile sites and applications. Our white paper, When More Is Not Beer: Page Tags, described the dramatic proliferation of script-based data collectors including Web Analytics, Voice of Customer, Customer Experience Management and related solutions. We detailed the risks associated with failing to pay close aention to where and how tags were deployed. Our recommendation to assign executive responsibility for the flow of data into and out of the Enterprise, is one that companies have increasingly been following. To follow- up, ObservePoint offered to sponsor this white paper to examine the requirements for creating a trustworthy, high-value tag management practice within organizations. "It's like an oil change on your car, an insurance policy against bigger problems down the road," says Tim Munsell, ObservePoint customer and Web Analyst at To this end, we provide ten tested tips to help you institutionalize an effort to ensure data accuracy, integrity, and trustworthiness across your entire business. Each of the tips are reasonably easy to execute, and in total they will result in a world-class program of data management in your online and mobile-connected channels. Web Analytics Demystified has worked with clients the world over to help ensure the Data Quality and the Digital World i

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