Why You Should Audit Your Web Tags

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WHAT YOU GET WHEN TAGS ARE WORKING HOW TO PROTECT AGAINST FAILURE When tags are functioning properly, you get the data you were looking for when you first deployed them: ad serving, ad management, VoC, behavioral targeting, social integration, analytics, attribu- tion, remarketing, big data, DMP, eCommerce, multivariate testing, lead tracking, tag management and every other type of technology requiring the use of web tags. The value of technology can only extend as far as it is implemented correctly. To get a high return on your marketing and analytics tech, you need to make sure those tags work as intended. When you validate the performance of your MarTech, you will have confidence in the resultant data for effective business decisions. You may be tempted to run off to your analysts, developers and QA team to have them start build- ing an SDR and spot-checking all of your web properties. Before you do that, consider how much of an impact this would have on your resources: with thou- sands and maybe millions of pages on your digital properties, there's no way you'll be able to spot- check everything in a reasonable period of time. And unless you froze development on these assets (aah!), they would change even before everything could be validated. Might I recommend you consider automated tag validation? Automated tag validation, provided by solutions like ObservePoint's Data Quality Assuranceā„¢ plat- form, crawl your web properties, firing all tags to check for errors and validating them against your business rules. This allows you to keep your tags at top performance, and gives you the peace of mind that your investment in MarTech is not being funneled into broken vessels. 7 Because why do something a machine can do for you, when the machine can do it better, faster and automatically? Request a sample audit to get an idea of where your tag implementation stands. SAMPLE AUDIT

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