Why You Should Audit Your Web Tags

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Being a competitive force in your industry goes beyond merely existing in the digital world—putting together a little bit of SEO content and sending out a few PPC ads with a spray-and-pray mentality isn't going to cut it. INTRODUCTION i To really succeed in your industry, you have to be anywhere and everywhere that your in- tended audience will be, plus be what your audience needs you to be. This means per- sonalization. This means omnichannel. This means marketing and analytics technologies. This means tags. Web tags are the backbone of digital market- ing data collection. They capture data to tell you the who, what, where, when, how, and if you're really good, the why of customer be- havior. You likely already have tags implemented on your website, but they are easy to take for granted. Whether you're using a tag manage- ment system or are employing a legacy page-tagging method, tags tend to fly under the radar. Until something goes wrong, and your data is compromised. To have a comprehensive view of your customer, you need func- tional tags. To personalize and optimize the customer experience, you need functional tags. To move your customer effectively from awareness to advocacy, you need functional tags. That's the crux of the matter: you need functional tags, not broken ones.

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