7 Cases Where You Can’t Afford to Skip Analytics Testing

January 3, 2019 Patrick Hillery

Do you trust yourself to make good decisions?

It's kind of a strange question—but one that you need to ask yourself in the context of your quote-unquote "data-driven decision-making."

Data isn't inherently true—true data is true. So for your data strategy to work, you need to verify your analytics data is telling the truth.

In 7 Cases Where You Can’t Afford To Skip Analytics Testing, ObservePoint's VP Customer Success Patrick Hillery walks through how to avoid bad data quality at 7 critical breakage points. Hillery explains how to:

  • Plan and build an analytics test plan
  • Execute your test plan under various scenarios
  • Test your analytics and marketing stack when it matters most

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About the Author

Patrick Hillery

Patrick was a Consultant at Adobe for 8 years, spending the last couple of years working as one of the first Principle MSAs (Multi-product Solution Architects) where he attempted to learn and deploy the full Adobe Stack. During his tenure, Patrick also had the unique opportunity of consulting onsite at Dell and Facebook. Patrick has been at ObservePoint for over 3 years leading the Customer Success and Sales Engineering Organizations.

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