Top 3 Challenges of Data Governance & Performance Measurement in 2020

Customer analytics is now more important than ever, and becoming more data-driven allows businesses to deliver amazing experiences to their customers and stay competitive in a cutthroat marketplace. 

However, as you work towards becoming a data-driven business there are several challenges you can expect to encounter.

Learn about these challenges and how to:

  • Automate testing of large amounts of data to ensure accuracy at scale
  • Align your teams to reduce miscommunication and data blunders
  • Obtain accurate attribution, allowing you to allocate your budget and resources effectively
  • Decide between building and buying a data governance and performance measurement solution

About the Author

Chris Baird

As Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Baird is responsible for providing strategic marketing direction for ObservePoint products, solutions, and services, and for presenting the ObservePoint brand worldwide. He previously held various marketing positions at Mrs. Fields Brands, Omniture, and Adobe.

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