Critical Web Metrics for Better Customer Intelligence

April 1, 2018 Jason Call

Are you a reporting squirrel or an analytics ninja?

Simple single-metrics-to-measure requests can turn talented web analysts into just reporting squirrels. Beyond that, this model risks creating an organizational mentality that leads to counter-productive or even destructive data-driven behaviors.

In this ebook, you will learn how to stop asking reporting questions and start asking business optimization questions—the kind that drive greater growth and profitability.

Download your free copy and discover:

  • The golden method to understanding your customers and winning more conversions.
  • Which metrics you must consider alongside the most commonly requested reports.
  • How to ensure accurate data so you spend less time reporting, and more time strategizing.

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About the Author

Jason Call

Jason caught the “digital marketing bug” over ten years ago when his music went viral, and he became the first unsigned artist to reach a million downloads on the internet. Since then, he has devoted his career to mastering analytics and providing actionable insights for hundreds of clients, spanning many industries and verticals.

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