How to Align Marketing and IT Analytics Implementation Workflows

February 6, 2018 Eric Dumain

It’s no secret that marketing and IT teams often seem to be at odds, or even speaking different languages when it comes to analytics implementation requirements and processes. This misalignment between teams can lead to unclear business requirements, incomplete analytics implementations and inaccurate customer data.

On the other hand, Forrester reports that companies able to achieve consistent alignment between these two teams are more digitally intelligent, and enjoy year-over-year revenue growth rates of up to 30% compared to their peers.

To capture an accurate picture of your digital users, your marketing and IT teams need to be on the same page.

Join Jim Cain, CEO at Napkyn Analytics, and Eric Dumain, VP of Product at ObservePoint, in this complimentary webinar, “How to Align Marketing and IT Analytics Implementation Workflows: Sharing the Sandbox in 2018,” and discover how to:

  • Identify the gaps in processes and understanding between marketing and IT
  • Align marketing and IT requirements for analytics infrastructure implementation
  • Facilitate ongoing implementation and data governance

About the Author

Eric Dumain

Fresh off a successful career in the IT industry for companies like Oracle, Apple and Macromedia (now Adobe) where he served as managing Director SEMEA, Eric decided to jump into the digital analytics industry about 15 years ago. He started operations for Webtrends and Omniture in Europe and immediately identified the huge potential of digital analytics as well as the technological shortcomings and process pitfalls. Eric then founded Hub’Sales, a digital analytics consulting firm and created Hub’Scan, a SaaS platform dedicated to digital analytics optimization, both acquired by the B&D Group. Recognized and awarded by industry representatives (DAA) for his entrepreneurship and innovation, Eric has decided to join ObservePoint, with whom he shares vision, values and philosophy, as VP product strategy.

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