Integrate Tealium and ObservePoint for Better Tag Governance

February 25, 2020 Matthew Maddox

Large sites could contain thousands—even millions—of instances of analytics and marketing tags, making effectively governing tags an impossible task when attempted manually. 

This already impossible task of manual tag governance is complicated even more by the fact that websites regularly go through updates, which can cause tags to break as time goes on. 

Luckily, there are ways to ensure your tags are implemented correctly without having to manually comb through network requests to debug for errors. By combining tag management and tag governance, you can achieve unprecedented quality of tagging at a more efficient pace.

What Is Tag Governance?

Most people in the analytics or marketing space are familiar with tag management. But just as a quick refresher, tag management is the practice of deploying tags on a website or app via a container code deployed on every page of your site. Tag management systems (Tealium is a prominent example) allow you to efficiently implement, maintain, and sunset tags on your website. 

While tag management involves deploying tags via software, tag governance is the overall practice of implementing and maintaining a tagging strategy, including the following activities:

  • Planning your tagging strategy
  • Complying with data privacy regulations
  • Deploying tags (via a tag management system)
  • Assuring the quality of your overall tagging implementation
  • Validating your implementation for effectiveness 
  • Monitoring your tagging implementation over time

As with tag management, true tag governance is technology dependent. While you could check your tags manually, doing so is inefficient and prone to human error. 

Tag governance solutions allow you to conduct scans of your tagging implementation via software to verify that your tags are firing as you expect, saving you the trouble of trying to verify manually. Think test automation for a tagging implementation, allowing you to carry out activities like:

  • Testing for JavaScript errors that inhibit successful data collection
  • Cataloging tags and pages before TMS deployment
  • Ensuring TMS container code is present on every page
  • Verifying proper data collection and configuration of all tags. 

ObservePoint is an example of an automated tag governance solution, and utilizing ObservePoint will give you a clear view of your tagging implementation through each of the aforementioned components of tag governance. Overall, using a tag governance solution will help you efficiently ensure tag functionality and placement across time. 

Tag Management and Tag Governance: Better Together

Tag management systems are most valuable when used alongside a tag governance solution, and vice versa. Tag managers give analysts and marketers a clean interface to deploy tags, whereas tag governance solutions give marketers an interface to test those tags for quality.

Using both of these software systems together will enable you to collect accurate and actionable data more efficiently, resulting in saved time, increased MarTech ROI, and improved customer experiences.

Applied effectively, these technologies will enable you to positively increase your business’s bottom line because:

  • Business decisions will be based on accurate data
  • Customer loyalty will be increased through more personalized customer experiences
  • Wasted time and resources spent manually checking your implementation will be eliminated

The value provided by these two solutions is even greater when integrated directly. ObservePoint and Tealium recently released an integration allowing you run scans immediately after a new release is pushed live, instead of relying on scheduled scans that could miss errors for hours or days. 

Learn more here

The New Tealium/ObservePoint Integration

The new Tealium/ObservePoint integration is focused on providing you with increased efficiency as you deploy and test tags associated with your digital properties. 

With the integration activated, any time you push updates into your staging environment, ObservePoint will automatically start scans on your Tealium TMS staging code and run a full suite of tests on the associated digital property. These automated scans make testing tags in your staging environment and then moving those tags into a production environment more of a turnkey process, which will free up time and resources for other priorities.

This integration is a significant upgrade. Before the integration, the process of testing your staging code was more time-consuming, as you had to initiate tests of your staging environment on your own or wait for the next scheduled run.

Now governing and managing your tagging implementation is simpler and more automated. As with other forms of test automation, the goal is to engage less with the test and more with the implementation. Because ObservePoint runs the test automatically, you will experience greater efficiency and more freedom to focus on improving customer experiences and increasing value to your business. 

Optimize Your Tag Governance with Tealium and ObservePoint 

At the end of the day your goals are to deliver great experiences to your customers and improve your bottom line. These goals require you to become increasingly customer-focused, which means dedicating more time and resources to actions that will positively impact customer experiences. 

Using the combined power of Tealium and ObservePoint will allow you to do just that by helping you ensure accurate data, saving you time, boosting your MarTech ROI, and providing you with more confidence in your business decisions.

To see how ObservePoint can help you govern your tagging implementation, schedule an ObservePoint demo today.

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Matthew Maddox

Matt’s mission as the Director of Enablement at ObservePoint is to educate customers to use the marketing technologies they select for their sites most effectively. Matt delivered training at Omniture and Adobe for over eight years before joining ObservePoint. He was the dedicated trainer for several global companies, creating and delivering custom courses based on their corporate business requirements. With a wealth of experience solving analytics questions in many industry verticals, including e-commerce, media, finance, lead generation and automotive, Matt offers sound direction and analytics insight.

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