5 Take-Aways from Adobe Analytics LABS Chicago Event

April 14, 2022

Brilliant analytical minds came from all over the greater Chicago area to attend the Adobe Analytics LABS on September 22nd to hear from web analytics experts such as John Pestana, the co-founder of Omniture and ObservePoint.

The Take-Aways

1. Mobile Analytics: Decide What to Measure

You know you need to be measuring your marketing efforts on your mobile web and app offerings, but the problem is that many marketers are not sure what to measure. John Pestana suggests that if you are trying to figure out where to start with your mobile analytics, you should first consider the way people interact with your mobile web or app, and then think about your biggest budget item. These two keys give you a place to begin.

2. Start with First Things First

When conducting an Adobe Analytics audit, Craig Scribner, analytics veteran, says that “Auditing everything is a terrific goal you should commit to breaking right now.”

Scribner reminded attendees to begin their audit by focusing on the most critical events in their Solution Design Reference, which would be more effective than progressing in alphabetic or numeric order.

3. Share Key Metrics in Custom Dashboards

Web analysts must master the smooth extraction of quality data from their analytics tool and then be able to place that data in a decision maker’s hands in a digestible format.

Patrick Hillery, long-time Adobe Analytics expert, suggests using beautiful, custom dashboards to deliver key business metrics to those who need the information.

4. Data Quality Assurance is Key

Comments from participants at the Chicago Analytics lab show echoed the findings of a March 2015 CIO Insight study reporting that 92% of survey respondents found at least some aspects of managing data to be challenging, and 50% said they struggle with fixing data quality issues before they negatively impact business.

As a result, companies fall short of of expectations in developing data-driven, actionable insight. Additional technologies and advanced strategies are needed to honor the investment in MarTech and Big Data that organizations are already making.

Attendees like Ron Mack, who worked for many years at Lowe’s Home Improvement and recently moved to Sears, posed challenges he has recently faced with his own auditing processes. Adam Gilbert and Clint Eagar, analytics experts, were able to present solutions which Ron said, “helped in getting me back on track in my data audits.”

5. You are Not Alone

Story after story was shared during roundtable discussions about various issues web analysts face in their auditing practices, and each story was met with helpful responses from the discussion leaders, the speakers, and the other analysts in the crowd.

One attendee said “I am just glad I attended the lab to know that I am not crazy and not alone in the challenges I face every day.” As the room erupted with laughter, the crowd quickly reaffirmed that this analyst was, indeed, not alone.

The Potential

This, of course, is precisely the purpose of the Adobe Analytics LABS–to open up discussions within the analytics community and to collaborate on finding solutions that lead to progress in the industry. The labs will be continuing their tour this fall in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Boston, New York and D.C.

In the meantime, check out the, 5 Tips to Recession-Proof Your Marketing Investments.


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