The Premium Tag Management Plunge

September 3, 2015 Kara Frazier

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Everybody wants free stuff, that’s a universal truth.

However, free doesn’t always mean great.

Remember that free, plastic toothbrush you got from the dentist that was frayed and useless after three days? Or that mortgage company t-shirt from the game that shrunk to a quarter of the original size after the first wash?

Sometimes free just doesn’t live up to its hype.

That’s why so many companies opt to use premium tag management solutions – the customization, the support, the security, and sustainability are important to enterprise organizations.

Options for your unique needs

This is the age of customization.

In the digital data world, premium tag management solutions can offer a much more customizable data collection architecture that can be mapped to your specific objectives.

Beyond free solutions, premium offers:

  • Integrations for countless platforms, giving you quick and easy implementation.
  • A nearly limitless pool of vendors to work with, because they’re compatibility is not limited to other free vendors and tools.
  • Real-time segmentation of your target audience to quickly compile valuable insights.
  • Tag firing rules to control when your tags fire, so they’re uniform rather than going off all over the place.
  • jQuery functions that are aligned with your needs to make any necessary scripting as easy as possible.
  • Tag deployment options that can be customized to your unique implementation requirements.

And much, much more.

Many free options simply don’t offer that kind of specialization—though there are some exceptions to the rule, for instance, Adobe DTM is an enterprise worthy TMS that should be strongly considered, especially by users of Adobe’s solutions.

Help! I’m lost in a sea of wikis and forums and can’t find the answers…

After you’ve hit the “free download” button and executed the implementation of the solution, sometimes you feel like you have been left to fumble around in the dark world of Google Search. Free solutions, and their lack of clear support and direction, can cost significant amounts of time, energy and productivity.

Premium tag management solutions, on the other hand, don’t leave you in the dust once you’ve purchased their service.

They come with expert support teams or attentive account managers who are always there to promptly walk you through the many issues you will inevitably come across when using such an advanced tool; saving you hours of searching and headaches.

Safe and sound

Premium tag management solutions also have rigorous privacy and security settings that you generally won’t find with freebies.

With a premium solution, you get premium security. Enterprise solutions provide regulations and compliance rules that safeguard your data and customer information against leakage and improper use.

Additional applications can even perform website audits of your tags to find wayward or broken implementations.

Premium tag management – It’s worth it

More options. More support. More security.

With premium tag management solutions, you just get more. You’re not limited to the reduced options of a free tag management solution.

The customization, functionality, and flexibility offered by premium solutions can help lead you to better understand your target audience and accelerate your ability to connect with them more effectively.

They help you create an experience designed to delight your customers. They protect your customer’s information and your proprietary data. And you can rest assured knowing that when issues arise there is an accessible support team standing by to help.

Sure, maybe all you need is a simple, free tag management solution. But if you’re business goals map to the benefits offered by a premium solution, then it’s time to consider investing in the tools that drive the strategic business decisions that matter the most.

Image credit: Roberto Ventre


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