How Tag Management and Tag Governance Boost Digital Intelligence

June 21, 2022 Kara Frazier

Tag management and tag governance are crucial to your organization’s digital intelligence.

Both tag management and tag governance are implemented and enforced to maximize your digital marketing efforts and budget, ensuring that you are receiving the best return on your investments.

Tag Management Systems (TMS) are investments that improve the digital marketing experience exponentially. Previous to TMSs, marketing tags were implemented and maintained manually on each page, allowing for detrimental inconsistencies that could leave your data useless and render your digital intelligence non-existent.

With a TMS, your digital marketing world becomes simplified through uniform, automated tag installation and management processes.

However, TMS implementations and management are still prone to human error. For example, if a single marketing tag is duplicated and launched twice across your site or if you update to the latest version of a tag and the old version is not removed, this can drastically alter your digital data.

So how do you make sure you are collecting accurate data?

Through a flawless TMS implementation and maintenance plan and ongoing tag governance for your digital data.

In addition to the automation that Tag Management Systems provide, the tag governance process can now be automated through the use of tag goverance platforms like ObservePoint.

Once you can trust your TMS and QA processes, you can begin to trust your digital analytics data, boosting your digital intelligence through the management and collection of accurate insights.

There are some simple steps that support a successful tag management strategy. 

This webinar, led by TMS expert Adam Corey and analytics specialist Patrick Hillery, discusses crucial steps to maintaining and governing your Tag Management System. In this webinar you will discover:

  • The best tips for assigning ownership, onboarding stakeholders and documenting TMS architecture
  • Ways to best add new features and push them into production
  • How to QA and audit your web analytics data to ensure you maximize the ROI of your TMS technology


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