How to Sell Your Boss On a Digital Data Layer

October 31, 2016 Kara Frazier

What is a Data Layer?

For many, the concept of a data layer is still elusive—and for those who grasp it, there is always more to learn.

At its most basic form, a data layer is a layer of programming language that contains various types of information including online user behavior data, mobile app activity, transaction information, etc.

A data layer sits between the user interface and the numerous applications required to run your site or mobile app and transfers the user activity data from the user interface to those vendor applications.

Why does it matter?

When it comes to analytics, maintaining clear and accurate documentation of how information is collected is paramount to ensure your data is trustworthy and being governed correctly. This will allow you to drive business decisions that enhance the customer experience.

A properly maintained data layer can act as a blueprint for your marketing technologies and a bridge to help communicate with your customers. If this blueprint is not accurately set, you can only hope that your marketing technologies are collecting accurate data to guide the strategies intended to better reach and serve your customers.

How do I convince my boss that we need to invest in one?

At the Analytics Summit on November 17th, Jason Thompson, Co-founder at 33 Sticks,  presented “How to Sell Your Boss on a Digital Data Layer,” discussing how to help analytics practitioners address this issue within their own organizations.

As Thompson puts it, “Having access to a proper data layer provides tremendous flexibility when it comes to quickly piloting new marketing platforms—allowing for quicker decision-making which in turn leads to quicker realization of value generated by deploying proven marketing technologies.”

Thompson’s presentation is now available on-demand.

Jason Thompson 


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