Mastering Adobe Analytics with Analysis Workspace

October 27, 2016 Jack Vawdrey

Adobe’s Analysis Workspace is setting precedents left and right for analytics tools. This tool fits within Adobe Analytics and the Marketing Cloud, extending ad hoc capabilities and providing an exceptionally flexible data discovery experience for users.

Analysis Workspace came out in beta in early 2015, and since then has gained traction among analysts and marketers who like to gain new insights through data discovery. Because Analysis Workspace allows for an unlimited combination of dimensions per segment, users can create highly granular segments on the go.

And with Ad Hoc Segments (not to be confused with Ad Hoc Analysis), users don’t have to clutter their segment library with their experimental segments. Instead, they can just drag and drop one or more dimensions into the viewing pane and automagically generate a temporary segment.

Analysis Workspace was built for marketers who want to employ data discovery in their company and need a technology that can keep up with their rapidly changing needs.

Ben Gaines, Group Product Manager for Adobe Analytics, wrote recently about some of the struggles that analysts and digital marketers face when trying to explore new ways to segment their data:

“As we talk to the world’s biggest brands about their marketing goals, two trends become crystal clear. First, data is becoming more complex, as organizations combine many sources of data to enhance their understanding of their customers, their marketing programs, their channels, and their properties. Second, more marketers and analysts (in terms of users of analytics tools) need access to the insights contained in this data faster than ever before. These trends are in direct opposition to one another. As data gets bigger and badder, getting answers slows down, and access to the data becomes more limited and harder to manage.”

Analysis Workspace, in conjunction with the overall Adobe Analytics platform, makes it possible for analysts and digital marketers to interact with their data through rapid, flexible experimentation.

Eric Matisoff, Data Science & Analytics Evangelist at Adobe, recently said about Analysis Workspace, “Understanding your customers is a dynamic, continuous process—there is always a customer segment to which a company can better cater their products or services. A tool that can allow analysts to get a 360 view of users is huge.”

At the  2016 Analytics Summit, hosted by ObservePoint, Matisoff presented “Become an Adobe Analytics Master,” offering powerful insights on how to utilize Adobe Analytics and Analysis Workspace, including:

  • How Segment Comparison works behind the scenes
  • How to leverage custom date ranges
  • How to work with Summary Change visualizations
  • And other best practices for managing an interactive project for analysts

To learn more about the role that Adobe Analytics can play in your data discovery, view Matisoff’s presentation on-demand.

Eric Matisoff 


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