Improving Digital Data Quality with Auditing and Governance

October 6, 2014 Brad Perry

Digital data quality just isn’t as hot of a topic as analytics, big data, or machine learning, and that will probably never change. But in the end, data quality is one of the underlying foundations of better reporting, analytics, and decision making, says Priyank Mohan, technologist, strategist, analyst and thought leader.

“Before we talk about data quality, we need to talk about digital data collection process… It has always been painful historically as it was very hard to make it agile both from business and IT perspective given the constraints of release cycles in an enterprise environment,” states Mohan.

“But before you plan your tag management strategy, don’t you need to think about the existing tagging gaps and errors in your web pages? Even if you bought a brand new tag management tool today, you will still have existing tags throughout your website deployed probably in the last decade.”

For Mohan, tag auditing is an important first step in tag management and in defining a comprehensive digital data quality governance process.

Read the entire post on Priyank Mohan’s blog.


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