How to Improve Site and Data Health with Quadratic & ObservePoint

June 8, 2021

Many organizations struggle with finding a way to make quality control more efficient for tagging implementations along with getting better visibility into their site health. For one joint Quadratic and ObservePoint client—a large-scale kitchen appliance manufacturer—the situation was no different. 

Over the years, Quadratic and this customer had developed a robust analytics framework and measurement strategy that spanned both web and mobile. Conducting manual audits at scale had become nearly impossible; they needed a way of streamlining the process. Compounding the challenge, these digital properties were constantly evolving to meet consumer and prospect needs, opening the door for tracking to break.


Audits & Journeys: Site health starts with diagnosis 

To help increase visibility into the client’s tagging across its various digital properties and to gain a better understanding into tag performance, Quadratic used ObservePoint Audits to help them calculate tag presence, tag status codes, duplicate tags, page load times and problematic tag load times. 


Feature Highlight: Audits
Audits automate your QA and monitoring process by regularly crawling through the code on each page or specific pages, discovering errors in your data collection such as missing, duplicate, or unauthorized tags, and sending you alerts for any irregularities.


Though the Audits provided more insight into the health of the client’s analytics and media tags, the client also needed visibility into their mobile app tags. Quadratic was previously using Charles proxy as their preferred means of mobile app auditing, but they found that ObservePoint’s LiveConnect proved simpler to connect to a mobile device and provided an easier to read interface. 

LiveConnect enabled them to connect to any WiFi-enabled device and run test scripts on the spot to ensure data collection matched their expectations. This allowed the customer to get a holistic view of their tagging online and offline as well as ensure that their data was accurate & actionable and that their pages were performing well.


Feature Highlight: LiveConnect
LiveConnect simplifies how you govern and validate your MarTech and data across devices by running automated test scripts that capture real-time data as you interact with that device.


Using ObservePoint’s Journey feature, Quadratic set up 20+ Journeys with custom Rules to look for media tags and internal Adobe tagging for page load and event tagging on the UAT and live site. These Journeys each looked at different aspects of various segments of the user paths (cart additions, product searches, product registrations, logins, etc.) then duplicates of these Journeys ran on the UAT site to verify the implementation before pushing to production. Other Journeys specifically targeted media tags to ensure that campaigns were constantly optimizing based on accurate data

Triggering Journeys using the API enabled the team to remain on top of production releases and validate potential impact to tags quickly and efficiently, particularly around hot fixes pushed by the development team outside of traditional sprint cycles. This ensured limited or no downtime with data capture and continuity in web reporting by alerting Quadratic to any issues quickly after deployments. 


Feature Highlight: Journeys
Web Journeys replicate your site’s user paths, such as shopping carts or user logins, from start to finish, and tell you if anything prevents the path from completing or if the analytics are not tracking the activity.


Auditing Automation & Visualization: Take back your time and stay on top of your tags

Another joint customer—a multinational financial services company—was struggling with validating and managing vendor tagging at scale across several lines of business (LOBs). With hundreds of media tags to manage, they were spending a lot of manpower and hours on manual tag audits that just led to increased agency costs and potential for error and oversight. Not only that, but they also faced challenges standardizing the manual tag audit process from one analyst to another to create consistency. The result was a tag audit spreadsheet that was hard to sift through, visually unappealing, and created inconsistencies from one analyst to the next. 

Journeys came to the rescue once again! The Quadratic team created about 50 Journeys, multiple for each LOB, that would scan the individual pages within the LOB on a weekly cadence, and used user-friendly naming so that any new member who joined the account had a good starting point. This slashed the manual effort and hours required while also swiftly standardizing the audit process. 

Taking the solution one step further, the team then pushed the data into a visual and interactive Tableau dashboard. The dashboard was broken down by vendors (like Sizmek, Linkedin, Facebook, etc.), then the vendor tags were broken down by the pages on which they are placed. To identify if certain tags failed to populate expected values, the team used visuals from the page as well as red and green indicators. 

Finally, the team used a summary table to quickly identify where/how certain tags failed and gave the client on-demand access to the dashboard. The result? The client could now quickly and easily identify tag issues by page and correct them as well as understand their tag and site health at a glance.

To learn more about how Quadratic and ObservePoint can work together to improve your site and data health, click here. Or you can request a complimentary Website Audit



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ObservePoint brings insights, automation, and compliance to the chaos of customer experience data with their Data Governance solutions: Technology Governance, Privacy Compliance, and Campaign Performance. These solutions empower insights-driven companies to trust their data with automated analytics testing, protect customers with compliance monitoring, and improve experiences with validated, data-driven insights.

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