Choose Your TMS (2 of 3): Tealium iQ Tag Management

June 21, 2022 Clint Eagar

The way your company uses data will determine your standing in the market. Tag management systems (TMS) release marketing and digital analytics professionals from the restraints of standard analytics implementations.

Installing analytics code for each data inquiry across an entire website not only requires a high initial investment of resources, but is also astronomically difficult to maintain. With a TMS, developers can make the initial install of a container code and then delegate some of the analytics load to marketers and analysts, who can use the intuitive platform of a TMS to construct analytics scripts that gather the data they need most.

When “TMS” is your watchword, everyone is happier all around.

The days when developers were flooded with requests is passed, as TMS offerings empower marketers and digital analysts to deploy tags on their own.

So if tag management systems are so great, what has stopped companies from jumping on board?

Making the initial investment of resources to install a TMS is often one of the largest challenges. Removing all existing analytics code to make way for a TMS will take a lot of work, particularly QA to make sure all the code has been removed.

But it’s worth it.

Tealium iQ Tag Management

Tealium iQ Tag Management is an enterprise tag management solution that redefines the scope of what a TMS can do. Tealium iQ Tag Management’s extensive features not only simplify the process of tag deployment—which it does incredibly well—but can also standardize data definitions and ensure global data privacy compliance.

While it is a paid solution, the intuitive design and 1,000+ turnkey integrations make the investment worthwhile.

So what else sets Tealium iQ Tag Management apart from other TMSs?

iQ Tag Management unifies your MarTech stack and measurement definitions.

Your MarTech stack has multiple technologies informing your marketing strategy—hence the word “stack.” But while each technology in your stack may be vital, they do not function the same way, and bringing together complex data sets can be tricky.

iQ Tag Management has a growing portfolio of turnkey integrations with your most important marketing technologies. Tealium takes each vendor’s JavaScript library and simplifies it into a three-step tag deployment process that works with all integrated third-party technologies. All you have to do is provide basic login information for your MarTech stack.

In addition to systematizing the deployment process, iQ Tag Management can also help you to standardize definitions of data and naming conventions across your marketing technologies.

iQ Tag Management has an impressive library of extensions.

Tealium’s collection of extensions are built to perform basic use cases that are commonly employed by developers but that normally would require custom JavaScript. This streamlines the implementation process, freeing up even more time for developers.

iQ Tag Management offers significant data privacy control.

With the increasing regulations surrounding data across the globe, it is essential to your brand to ensure your data protection and privacy practices are in compliance.

iQ Tag Management extends beyond traditional tag management systems by allowing you to program custom, vendor-specific data collection rules based on the geographical location of the user.

And because some regions require that organizations provide explicit opt-in/opt-out capability, Tealium iQ Management has a helpful opt-in privacy widget that you can deploy to your website.

iQ Tag Management ensures page agility with a multi-CDN approach.

Tag management systems and other web entities use content distribution networks (CDNs) to optimize web performance. CDNs are proxy servers distributed throughout the world, expediting requests and lowering page load times.

Tealium asserts that their multi-CDN approach is the fastest tag management network in the world.

iQ Tag Management protects your digital assets with version control.

Like all tag management systems, the iQ Tag Management platform keeps careful control over the versions of your implementation as changes are made. This allows you to move backward to a previous version if something goes wrong.

iQ Tag Management also allows you to assign permissions to different users. You can set up your tool to require that a developer verify any changes made by marketers or analysts.

Liberate Your Team with Tag Management

Getting over that hump and purging your site of legacy analytics coding to make way for a TMS can be a bit daunting. But ultimately the benefits outweigh the negatives, and your data-producing and data-consuming employees will thank you for it.


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